Getting Entourage and Your Apple apps synced with MobileMe.

Its a big thing when you have had a mac pro, a macbook pro and a .mac /MobileMe account for 2 years but never really used it for one reason or another. Yesterday, I finally took a little time to get my computers synced.

I spent time getting my different applications to talk to each other, addressbook and iCal to pull my contacts and calendar information from entourage . I prefer to use Microsofts Entourage as my email program as it was very similar to Outlook when I migrated over from PC to mac. The only minor issue with this is, as entourage isn’t part of Apples’ integrated suite of programs. It isn’t directly supported my the .mac/MobileMe system which allows users to sync their computers and phones using the Apple servers.

The good news is that you can get iCal and addressbook to import data from entourage. this is a bit of a pain but this is the way it is unless you choose to use the apple programs – Mail, addressbook and iCal .

Once your apps are synced, then simply go into System Preferences and click on mobileMe and click “Sync”. Now your data is sent to the server.

I did this on my desktop machine the Mac Pro
then later I simply connected to mobile me on my laptop and synced with mobile me. It pulled all the most upto date info off the server and my calendar on the laptop was upto date with my appointments.

If you need help getting your macs synced with mobile me This link provides good support and you can even have a live webchat with an Apple support officer who will guide you through.

Should have done this years ago.

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