After arriving at the Twestival a bit later than planned I was glad to see it hadn’t actually kicked off properly, Bitjam were providing the Music and visuals and I grabbed a Pint with Sir Findo Gask. After that we did a bit of mingling.

Bigg un and Carl from BitJam

I was introduced to @BizFizz and Clairewhite Which was good to meet them as I have been aware of their activities for a while but only just found them on Twitter. got talking to a couple of pleasent chaps from Staffs Uni all about the larks of being a student and living in shared houses etc.

Top Lads from staffs Uni

One Beautiful looking Macbook

I spent a lot of the night gazing lovingly at the marron macbook, not even knowing at that point that it was Bigguns, it isn’t as big as my Macbook Pro but that belongs to work really.

Julie Gould, being drawn on for Charity

I met Julie as she asked me to draw on her, which naturally I was a bit taken aback by. Julie was doing this for charity and was having all the artwork and scrawlings photographed as part of her project.

Trent Vale Poet

Trent Vale Poet was there too and although I had heard his name I had never seen him live before, I gave a good impression of a drunk but his poems were extremely lucid and very Brilliant. My favourite was the one about Steve Davis. In fact, he has inspired me to get writing again so watch this space.

DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh had to compete with Free Lobby which was being served by the owners of the Leopard inn. However, he delivered a short set of old school tunes which I was quite into, I’d certainly like to hear more and see more similar stuff,This is the sort of raw street talent I’d like to see developing in Stoke.

Dayve Dean

Dave Dean brought his Guitar and his demo CD’s which he was giving away for a donation. The songs were pretty solid pop folk, I enjoyed them and having bought a CD will certainly be following Dayve on Twitter for his gig list.

I really enjoyed Michael Colley’s (in2nation) performance, playing alongside BITJAM Mike plays the PANArt Hang. The What?? Well its a sort of upside down Wok instrument. It makes some amazing sounds like a steel drum, but played like Bongos. I can’t really explain it so check his work out in the video.

I had a really nice night out, and to all of you who didn’t or couldn’t make it, get yer arses off the couch, drag yer carcasses away from the glowing box in the corner and show yerself at the next Twestival, you don’t know what you’re missing, it has massive potential. Furthermore we raised quite a bit of money too. I’d like to Thank Claire for organising because it really is the beginnings of cutting edge.

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