Nearly got into a fight this morning, on a Stoke Bus

I was going to work on the bus this morning, and I almost got into a fight.
These two mucky looking youths got on the bus in Hartshill. They plonked themselves down right behind me. They absolutely stunk of Booze, and the first thing the tall skinny one said was, “F***ing £1.70 for a bus ticket!” At the top of his voice.

I echo your sentiments brother but not at full decibell on a crowded bus. There’s just no need. He continued to eff and blind, which got my goat. Do NOT get my goat first thing in the morning!

I turned around and asked him to mind his language, because there were little kids on the bus. He took it for a second, then got mad, ranting – The conversation went a little something like this:

YOB1: ” I have done my time, I have been in the forces, When you have seen the things I have seen you need a drink, to take the edge off it. I do what I F-ing want, I can say what I F-ing like, I have served my county. I have done my bit!!

ME: Its good that you have served your country, everyone respects that, but keep doing it by thinking about what your saying

YOB1: Why should there be little kids on the bus anyway?

ME: They’re on holiday

YOB1: They should be at School

Me: Its the Easter Holidays

YOB1: Why aren’t they at Nursery? I was at nursery from 8’o clock when I was 6 years old. They should be at nursery….Dont tell me to chill out.

Me: not neccesarily , (getting mad) At this point I decided to end the cconversation. People on the bus were looking very nervous. The woman with the young child had gotten off, and I could see it escalating. Not wanting to put people in an awkward position or be seen as a troublemaker, I turned round..seething. I had to fight to hold down my anger.

Then he continued to rant on…” I have been in a crows nest shooting at Afghans , and when you shoot a guy in the chest with an SA80 and see his guts come out the back it does things to you…and now I’m out, I have a job in BnQ as a cleaner, and people look down on me, they do , they look down on me, I needed a Job , any job, there are no jobs about. I moved away from them , which then got them mutteering. To be fair his mate, was trying to chill him out..and did tell him to shut up a couple of times.

They continued to eff and blind and call people Pakis, bad mouth their own parents, and generally whine about why they are poor and how come their parents don’t give them money..etc
I just thought they were the biggest pair of utter losers i have eveer come across.

At this point I’d like to say I really do sympathise with veterans, they seem to get a pretty raw deal when they come out of the forces. I’d be interested to know what services there are available to support our forces when they return from a war zone.

However, to the young man in question, being blind drunk at 8.15 AM, and roughly cursing in a public place, then abusing passengers on a bus, does not win you any sympathy votes from the vast majority of people. You may have served your country, but that doesn’t mean you are exempt from showing decent manners and behaviour when you are and about. They way you were behaviour is an absolute disgrace to your service. To get respect you need to give it.

I don’t want to get into a fight, I have a job and a family to think of, but I wont stand by while people like that lower the standard of life for ordinary folk. I’ll always stand up to mindless thugs like that. If that means I have to fight, then I’m ready.

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