Old Stoke on Trent – Pot Banks and Bottle Kilns

This Picture shows Dimmocks Works, this was in Hanley at the top of Picadily where C&A used to be.  think theres a bingo hall there now.  Culture eh?

This is Tyfords Cliff Vale Works, Only the two kilns closest to the canal (left side) still remain today.

Bell Pottery was on Bethesda St, Situated in the gardens next to the Museum

A Smokey Potteries shot

Cliff vale Again, today the facade of the old works has been converted to flats called Lock 38

Above you see the Spode works, with its large white frontage. (Right) 
Note the numerous bottle kilns all packed in behind. Now look at a more recent satelite photo.

The road layout has hardly changed but all the kilns are gone
Much of the land that was factory is now just car parks.

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