Ridgeway Pottery Shelton

My favourite Bottle Kilns ever, Edensor works of Elektra in Longton.  Made Zanobia,Vulcan and Cellulose Earthenware.  These were some of the most distinctive Bottle Kilns in the Stoke on Trent area.  I never got to see them, but the once I started looking into the history of these kilns I was surprised by the diversity in the range of shapes and sizes of the kilns.
How it used to be done, J&G Meakins Kilns, Hanley.  Many of the Potbanks were situated alongside the canals and the barges were loaded up right by the kilns and then the barges were pulled by horse.

These Huge Kilns boasted to be the largest in the area, built in the 19th Century, they were used as air raid shelters in WW2.  These Shelton Kilns were demolished in the 1960s. I have to say I think the fact that these kilns were part of British heritage and it was nothing short of criminal to think that they have been demolished.

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