Clean the Local Stream

After spending time in Tideswell, Derbyshire, last weekend and enjoying the beautiful stream, I was horrified to find the local stream at the bottom of the park in a right state. Me and our kid set about clearing it but we didn’t have our wellies or any tools so we just used bug sticks to drag the muck up onto the bank. I went back a few day after. Its a big job but I stated to make a bit of a dent in it…I’m hoping I might be able to rustle some helpers soon.

It’s minging, why the hell would anyone throw litter into the stream when it could potentially be quite beautiful. The water isn’t too dirty as I saw Fresh water shrimp and a frog in it. There are some who’d say its up to the council to clean up, but I think it’s our environment and our responsibility to keep things nice. Me, I don’t want to live in a rubbish tip. So I always pick up litter on my street, and I cant bear to look at the stream in that state…I’m gonna get my boots on and go armed with a littler grabber and finish the clean-up sometime next week.

We should all look after our waterways
I managed to drag the Corrugated Iron roof out of the stream but the glass and plastic will have to wait till I have the right gear. I managed to move a load of rocks and scrape a channel in the stream bed to get the water flowing quickly thus clearing some of the stagnant water. As you can see It’s now looking a touch better further downstream but I need some help really.

Anyone in the North Staffs area want to help me….drop me a line.
With the help of a few volunteers the stream could be returned to health in no time at all. The wildlife there would benefit making it nicer for all the local residents.

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