Never judge a book by it’s cover

How many times have you heard this saying? How many times have you actually stopped what you were doing or thinking and actually heeded this saying?

Well last Friday I had an interesting experience that made me stop and think. I have been back on the Reiki trail recently, I’ve been feeling incredibly stressed and overloaded and felt like I needed to address some of my anger an apathy issues. So I have been treating myself with Reiki to just try to let go of some of the old angers and frustration sthat build up in every day life.

For those of you unfamiliar with Reiki click here (read it all). When using Reiki your experiences outside the treatment time can be more accute and often seem more profound or noticeable, this is due to a heightened perception which many people experience after treatments.

So, moving on to the story, Last rfriday I was waiting at the bus station, I had a meeting in a different location to where I usually work and so was catching a different bus. Mostly I drive to work and hate getting the bus, so I was somewhat grumpy. A young man came and stood near to me he was stocky, about 5’9 and he looked pretty scruffy, his hands were dirty. his teeth looked a bit grubby and he didn’t endear himself to me by playing music on his mobile phone without headphones in much the same way that attention starved teenagers do.

He then cleared his throat and spat in the bus shelter. I turned away from him because he made me feel uncomfortable. Just then he spoke to me to ask what the bus number was, I answered him and turned away quickly stuffing my earphones into my ears so as to avoid any possibility of prolonged conversationion. He looked somewhat sneeped. I tuned into my reiki and asked for help to protect myself against this guy’s bad energy. (This doesn’t mean load of angels with swords turn up and fend nasty people off it just helps you listen to your intuition, or to look deeper than you usually might.)

A few moments later the bus arrived and I got on and tried to produce my money, I had counted this money out several times before coming out and knew I had the right amount. Well imagine my panic and frustration when I came up short for the fare, somewhere I had dropped or lost 20p and So I was going to have to get off the bus and go home for the missing 20p, thus making me very late for my meeting.

Just at that moment my unwashed travelling companion came up to me and handed me a pound coin, saving me in my moment of desperation. I shamefully thanked him and sat down behind him, rooting through my pockets, still not believing I’d lost the money. As I counted it again the pennies all added up and I was able to repay my benefactor in full, much to my relief because I was terribly ashamed at having judged him so harshly. As we travelled we fell to talking and he turned out to be a nice straight up guy with a lot of interesting knowledge about the local area. He hinted that he had recently had some hard times recently. All this made me realise that hard times can affect anyone, and I had made him a pariah in my mind just to protect some kind of barrier I had errected between him and myself. I’d forgotten the old teaching of never judge a book by it’s cover, and the tale of the Good Samaritan.

I honestly believe this was reiki showing me something. I went to my meeting with a massive sense of wellbeing that day and for the most part it’s stayed with me these last few days.

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