UFO – Black Bank – Kutton, Staffs

Did I see a UFO over black Bank Knutton?

What are these objects?

Click the image for the larger version of Knutton UFO

Mufon report
I spotted an object on June 23rd 2009 over Stoke on Trent.

Drove up onto Black bank, Knutton, because of the very good views up there. The night sky was unusually light tonight. I had just returned from delivering some photos to a colleague. I’d been working on them late.

I couldn’t see a suitable place to park so drove back down the bank and as I did I noticed the red light.

I saw a red light appear from the south east over Stoke on Trent. It disappeared, but reappeared quite low, seemed to be moving northwards then slowed right down. Remained in same area for a long time. Managed to take some photos but without a tripod they were a bit blurry.

Some shots do show light in the sky and some suggest a solid shape.

Its actions were unremarkable really save to say that whatever it was it was pretty low. It moved slowly, but not in any special or eye catching way. A couple of times I thought I saw other objects, but cant be sure.

At first I thought it might be a plane, but it was too low, then I wondered if it might have been the police helicopter but they usually have a searchlight when hovering.

the object was observable for a few minutes and then just disappeared.

See the other photos of Knutton UFO


Click to Enlarge.

You can see the original files that I uploaded with my report.




I had my camera with me because it had been a particularly light night and I had wanted to photograph the clouds. My photos aren’t great but they clearly show the ground and lights on the ground as well as an object in the sky.

I’m NOT saying this was an Alien Spaceship. I’m just saying I didn’t /don’t know what it was and I took a photo of it and it looks weird.

What do you think? Have you seen anything strange in the skies lately?

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