Positive thinking can achieve your goals

It has to be said, I’m feeling upbeat. This is the first time in a long while that I have felt so positive about myself and about life. Part of the reason is that I have had a kick up the backside by way of reading a self help book. Normally I would scoff at the notion of reading such a book, as “waste of time”, or “for losers”. However, when I was in the library last week, it simply seemed to call out to me, and I thought “What the heck, I’ll give it a try”.

The book, which is Called Natural Born Winners is incredibly interesting because its basic tenet is that “no-one can achieve success for you, simply wishing you were more successful won’t cut the mustard, you actually have to get off your ass and do something about it.”.

I’m sure we all know this to be true anyway, but it’s making it a central pillar of everything we do in everyday life that’s the really hard part isn’t it?

I tried to think of an example of how I have managed to achieve something that I wanted to do by being motivated and the best example was the skydive I did last year.

For so long I wanted to do a skydive. I kept making excuses that I couldn’t find anyone to do it with and that they were so expensive, I couldn’t possibly afford to do one yet. I’d mentioned to a friend that I wanted to do one and she told me that there was a sponsored skydive to raise money for a Sick child called Lily Grace.

This was enough to whet my appetite and I called the organisers and got a sponsor sheet. What followed was almost a mitigated disaster. I tired in a very lack lustre way to get sponsors, I needed to raise £200 just to do the jump and anything more than that was going to Lily’s fund.

About 2 weeks before the jump I mentioned to my friend that I wasn’t going to be able to do the jump because I hadn’t managed to raise anywhere near enough money in sponsorship. I could hardly look at myself in the mirror I felt so ashamed about it. Luckily though she’s a strong woman and had a clear view of what I should do. “Phil”, she said, you have hundreds of facebook friends why don’t you ask them to help, I’m sure you could raise quite a bit that way.

That little push, was enough. I went home and set up a facebook group, invited every one to join, sent them regular updates, kept everyone aware of the running total of sponsorship money and it seemed to galvanise everyone. I sent them all a personal email outlining Lily’s illness and why we were doing the skydive and lots of people all decided to help. It was nothing short of fantastic.

I’m going to keep reading the book until I finish it and hopefully , it will set me on a new course in life. I think I already have the ideas, I just need to steel myself to follow through with projects that I undertake.

It just shows the power of self belief can get the job done. Considering I only asked people I knew for sponsorship I managed to raise a little over £900. My dream of doing a skydive was fulfilled and more importantly we got some way towards helping a little girl who deserves comfort in life.

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