Tory Party, Liberators? I think not!

Well I was going to get around to writing a realistic response to David Camerons Closing speech at this weeks Tory Party conference. After reading all the gushing reports in the papers, I thought perhaps I had heard a different speech to the one they were all cooing over. When I began looking for a balanced report of the speech upon which to draw some form of balanced comparison from, little did I expect to find it in the column of one of my most hated columnists, Peter Hitchen.

Normally I cannot bare to read he bile that pours forth from this mans mouth. I concede that occasionally, rarely, he does hit the nail on the head. Today was one of those days. So instead of launching into my planned tirade. I’m simply going to take the lazy option and point you to Hitchen’s article. Simply because, it’s a masterpiece of truth. The Conservatives will win the next election without too much trouble, but not because Cameron is so brilliant, or because Brown is so bad…but because the British people only have 2 choices. Labour or Conservative. they are not willing to take a risk and vote Liberal to send a strong message to both parties about their abysmal failures and lies. After 2 or three terms of Conservative Government we will see a return to Labour and so it goes on.

Click the link to read Peter Hitchen’s article

The Tory Party is racing to cloud cuckoo land…via Manchester

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