UFO of Meir, Stoke on Trent

Last week whilst at work I went up to the top floor of the building to take photographs of Longton town. The building has an impressive view over the the South of Stoke on Trent and I wanted to get a nice panoramic shot. The light just wasn’t quite right and I returned practically empty handed. On the way down though I spotted a cylindrical object flying East. I tried to focus my camera on it but I couldn’t see it it was too far away. I took a couple of snaps in the general direction it was flying.

The cylindrical object had disappeared into a dissipating contrail. It was not leaving any contrail of its own. I’m not saying this object is an Alien spaceship. all I’m saying is..

1) it looked like a cylinder without any visible wings.
2) it left no Contrail
3) I don’t know if it made a sound I was indoors and it was high up.
Now my word isn’t enough. Here are the photographs. Click to enlarge!

Photo 1) Full size photo. Object appears in the top left contrail about 1 inch from the centre. looks like two spheres.

Photo 2) I inverted the colour on one to see if the object I saw was a solid object. It clearly stands out against the contrails. Top left contrail.

It was still very small so I enlarged the area. You can see the object better now but its still small.

I then inverted the image again.

Finally, here are a couple of closer blow-ups, there is no more detail be gotten out of those shots sorry.

As I have said. I don’t know what this object/objects were. All I know was I saw it, it looked weird I photographed it and you can see for yourself there was actually SOMETHING there.

I looked on the Mufon Site last night and found 2 photos of a very similar looking object. this is much clearer, again it’s close to airplane contrails. Photo 1 Photo2. Bothe these pics were taken by the same submitter.

Then I found this one which closel;y resembvles the shape of what I saw. Photo

What do you think?


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