Greed. thats what’s pulling us down

I was walking around Trentham gardens today, well, not the gardens but the retail area. We had had a particularly nice time. My partner had commented to me that the retail area didn’t really have very practical shops. A lot of the shops down there sell obscure items or things that you simply wouldn’t choose to buy whilst on a day out.

I have always been a bit tight with money, but it has to be said ; goods in the Trentham shopping outlet are expensive. This was underlined when we went into a clothing shop after seeing a t-shirt that looked pretty cool. Whilst in the shop My partner pointed out a great looking jumper, with a wooly type lining. I Thought It was great, just me..then I saw the price and my heart sank, £100. Yes you read it right, £100, One hundred freaking pounds for a jumper, Holy hell.

To me this is nothing more than outright greed. There can be in my opinion no justification for hundred pound jumpers. Little wonder then that the economy is in a state. Retailers expect a hundred pounds for a jumper. Personally I have never been a labels person, I don’t see the point of it at all, why define yourself by labels? I accept though that it appeals to some people.

Had the jumper been, say £30 or £40 I’d have happily bought it. I don’t earn a bad wage but they priced me out of the market, along with about 3/4 of the population. It’s all a bit daft really.

Would you pay a £100 quid for a jumper? If so why. Let me know.

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