Boiler Leaking in Icy Weather? – Try this

I got up this morning to a potentially nightmare scenario. The kitchen surface was all wet and part of the floor. The big Freeze had finally hit us.

I had a busy day planned and saw it disappearing before my eyes. So, I quickly checked where the leak was coming from, it seems to be coming out of the boiler.

Questions to ask yourself

1) Do You need a plumber not a boiler engineer.
2) You may not even need a plumber.
3) any Plumber you get should be CORGI registered

I now called a plumber…try to go local if possible rather than some big company with a call centre.

I called a local plumber who couldn’t touch boilers so he gave me the number of a CORGI registered plumber. This guy was straight to the point, i told him the problem he told me..

” I don’t need to come out…your overflow pipe is frozen, and it’s backing up into your boiler. Go outside, pour boiling water on the overflowpipe, and the ice will fall out and clear the blockage”.

I did it. It worked.

Here’s the ice that was causing the leak.

Needless to say I called him back to thank him and told him that he now has my business for being so honest.

Let’s face it he could have come out and charged me the call out fee and then invented a problem hitting me for a massive bill. He didn’t.

Good to see there is still some integrity left in the world.

Now friends…go save yourselves and your pals a load of money by passing this article on to everyone you know. Widgets

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