Derbyshire Accents

Its been a good while now since I posted anything on this blog, sadly other commitments have taken me further afield and my own musings have been placed on hold or else widely distributed across the many blogs and forums of theinternet with the aim of reaching a wider audience.
gladly though my cousin Jonny Buttle sends me a few golden nuggets from time to time to help me remember my roots.
His email was followed by another one from one of his correspondents this time of the nine ladies stone Circle up on Stanton moor. I have been up here a few times, it’s a really nice walk in summer. My friend told me that he walked up there on Solstice and when standing in the circle swore they were emitting a humming/singing sound. Make of that what you will, but get thee sens up there this summer..and get some pictures teken surry!

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