Allottment Update #1

I have recently been lucky enough to acquire a plot, after being on the waiting llist for years, I rang up and had a moan..hey presto…

I put my taters in about a 5 weeks ago and finally in the last couple of weeks they have started to push up above the soil. IUt was a bit of a punt in the dark really I had asked people how to plant em, read books and watched videos on youtube, but it’s still a leap of faith really.  I had shoved a few spuds in a dark cupboard to help them to sprout or “CHIT”. Again my Spuds are a bit behind a lot of other growers, but it’s not a race.  The soil was very poor where I chose to plant them, I assumed it was the same all over the plot, (not so). However after digging trenches, filling with manure, sieving the soil and mixing it with multi-purpose compost  I hoped for the best.  They are coming up nicely now.  Wait till I show you the spudomatic.

My mate Tony promised me some wood so that I could build some raised beds.  He got one of his mates to drop it off last week and I have finally managed to knock one up.  It’s bloody hard stuff, as it’s sealed and treated.  I couldn’t manage to nail it together on my own.  So I resorted to screws.  One dead drill and one broken drill bit later, bed one is just about there.  I think it needs sinking down abit though, only five more to build.  I am hoping to get back up there again over the next couple of days with a cordless drill and sort the rest out  A lot of the other plots have already gotten their beds together and the planting season is well underway.

Onions are going to be a staple in any kitchen garden.  I bought some cheap sets (baby onions) and dug a trench.  Again, I mixed the rather clay soil with compost.  Onions tend not to like clay soil so it was a bit of a gamble and until tonight I wasn’t sure whether I’d get any results at all.  As you can see the onions seem to be finding it favourable though, All the crops are organically  grown, fertilisers are not allowed.  Personally I think that making your own organic fertiliser is far better than pouring chemicals all over your plot anyway. When I get the raided beds finished I have Cabbage, Broad Beans, Peas, Courgette, Rockett, Carrots and more onions all ready to go in to them. Watch this space for more allotment updates.


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