Becta to close-The nightmare begins

I for one am absolutely sick of this slash and burn government already.

It’s all very well talking about saving money, but to what end…so we can all go credit crazy again?

What happens to all the people who depend on organisations like Becta? The 100 or so City Learning Centres for example? I work for one of the CLCs and we have about 15 staff, we are funded directly from Becta…and we are all in our 30’s and have mortgages and kids to feed.

Since the coalition was formed no one has even mentioned the human cost of all these cuts. Its fine to keep nuclear warheads but throw public sector workers to dogs?” . So within a year, I’ll have lost my job and my house to boot, How do we deserve this?

The world has gone money mad? How much longer can people put up with this? Don’t for get the billions to banks…with bankers still getting massive bonuses…of OUR MONEY …. the price of fuel….the price of food, and even the price of a pint…all this to keep troops in Afghanistan and un-used nukes on submarines.

Makes you proud to be British. Doesn’t it?

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