Another day in Tideswell

I was back in Tideswell the on Monday. The sun was out and shining brightly, in fact in was as hot as a bakers oven. One of the first people I ran into was Flinty (Paul) We had a quick chat, but we already knew each others news due to it being all over Facebook.

Later that afternoon I helped my mum uproot the remain of a small tree from the garden, it doesn’t look like much but this sukka had deep roots.  I’d told mum to go and buy an axe the week before.  Here’s the remains of our victim.

As I wiped the sweat from my eyes I took a few seconds to take in the beauty of the little garden mum and dad have created.  When they got the land years ago they worked like dogs to clear it of rubble, trees and weeds.  Over the years it’s changed quite a bit, and as they get on in years it’s less formal and more of a natural wild flower garden, still looks lovely in my opinion.

Here are a couple of the Blue Poppies, a variety I have never seen before.

After a quick drink to cool down I went for a wander.  I thought I’d take an hour or so to reconnect with the village I grew up in and that’s still so dear to my heart.

I was pleased to see the fountain in Fountain Square was up and running again.   It’s a pretty addition to the village and it annoys the hell out of me when it’s not working.  I heard that youths were responsible for blocking it up, why the hell don’t they get a life?   There is no need to spoil the fountain for everyone else is there?

Anyway, it’s loads better than when I was a kid, there was some bloody rubbish little wishing well there and a small green surrounded by green railings.

Walking up the village I went past Bulls Field.  A great place to go sledging in the winter.  In the summer months its the home of livestock and I was lucky enough to snap this late lamb suckling at his mothers teet. Brilliant things camera phones eh?  I always used to love walking up this way and sitt at the Car Wash to catch Sticklebacks or see one of the small Trout that live in the stream  The Sticklebacks have long since gone and the Trout don’t put in as many appearances as they used to but, there’s still something special about this stretch of Tidza.

I know it’s one of my pet soapboxes, but surely someone in Tideswell just give a damn about the stream.  In recent years it seems to be a bit neglected.  It’s always choked up with Cress, and the Trout cannot possible get up and down the stream.  In places it’s all silted up and the Culvert just before the Carwash is all full of weeds and rubbish.  Please, Tideswell people, look after the stream for future generations.  all it takes it clearing a bit of cress away, and making sure the stream doesn’t get blocked with rocks and silt due to Cows walking in the steam. Widgets


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