Allottment Update #3

After a week in Wales I was eager to see how the allotment was coming along. I expected a lot of growth as there has been a week of sun and some heavy rain. I was surprised to see how much everything had grown though.
Just one week ago the two rows towards the back had barely broken the soil, the front rows are bigger than this picture can demonstrate.
The onions are doing pretty well too.
I have finally stopped worrying about the onions.  they seem to be doing really well.  Gardeners are warned about using clay soils.  I simply dud a trench and mixed filtered soil, and plenty of compost together and hoped for the best.  So far so good.
One thing that hasn’t done well, are my cabbages.  I forgot to put nets up on the night I planted them, big mistake, they have been ravaged by pigeons.   The allotment needs serious weeding so the nets can go up tomorrow night.
The Peas are slowly finding the frames and are looking healthy, the pigeons seem to have left them well alone too.  The Runner Beans and Courgettes are going in this week, as the seedlings are more than ready to strike out in the big plot now.
Now I like to experiment, and I kind of get some funnt looks with my latest experiment.  I found a video on YouTube and thought I’d give it a try.  When I explain to other folk down at the allottments they kind of just give me a funny look.  It’s called the spudomatic.
It’s simply a wire mesh the plants grow, just keep adding compost and soil 6″ at a time. Don’t just take my word for it though, watch the video that showed me how.

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