Allotment Update #4

Well, I bobbed up to the allotment yesterday with my daughter, she’s only 6 and was my assistant for the day, not necessarily her choice. Due to one thing and another we were behind on the allotment, after going away for a week, and then spending 2 days at a conference the weeds were knee high, and the Carrots, Beans and Cabbages all needed putting in. After the debacle with the Raised beds (not having a chordless drill) I decided to crack on without them for now.

The weather was bloody scorching and we were against the clock. I made a list and Martha was in charge of checking things off, We finally arrived up at the allotments at 12.PM to the embarrassing fact that I had forgotten it was the day the Allotment Society were having a stall, planting a wildflower garden and making Bird Boxes.

I felt so guilty because
1) I don’t go to the allotment with money, so I couldn’t buy anything from the stall

2) We only had a very finite amount of time, So I really couldn’t get involved in the planting trees, and wildflowers. We had a ruckload of beans, Courgettes, Cabbages and Carrots to get into the ground.

I set Martha a number of little tasks, like picking up sticks, weeding, picking up stones and she did well. Those were the hard tasks for a little kid, because they were so boring. Once we had cleared a couple of paths I dug the main bed over and we put in several rows of Carrots and Cabbages. Martha helped with separating the seedlings and the planting. We were amazed at how cute the little Carrot seedlings looked, with their diddy wee carrots.

After we had finished putting the rows in there were a few wee carrots left so, I asked the neighbouring plot owner if he wanted them. He accepted and then presented me with a tray of leek seedlings, which I put in today.

With the Veggies in,  it was time for the netting. Before I went away to Wales, I had speculatively put a set of Cabbages in to see how they would take. The big fat Wood Pidgeons decimated them. The Nets  Went on easily enough by planting a cane at each corner of the bed, and one in the middle of each side of the bed. Next put a plantpot on top of the can to help hold the nets up, then simply weigh the nets down with rocks (we have an abundance of those).

So, I’m pretty pleased now because despite being far behind a lot of the other plots the majority of my stuff is in the ground now. The rest is just maintenance and a few little additions.  Today I bought the grow bags for the Courgettes, only the onion seedlings to plant out now and planting is done.

One more thing, the Strawberries are fruiting, Yay!

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