Allottment Update #6

I hope you enjoy these little updates. I certainly hope you are not under any illusion that I might be some kind of wonderful gardener. I’m really not. However, I do enjoy it so for now I’ll continue to bring you updates.

The plan this year, now I know how much hard work an allottment can be, is simply to grow something, just what we need. This year there’s not going to be any great amazing crop. Nothing planned to deliver harvest every week of summer and well into winter. Instead we might get about 50 spuds, 50 pea pods and the same with beans, a Few carrots, Leeks, onions and courgettes. I have already had a few Strawberries though.

Here are a few pics of how things are progressing.

Courgette Plants grow well in Grow bags

Courgettes, Taste good but I find the plants ugly.

I’m a bit gutted really considering how well my Cabbages started, they have not taken too well to the clay soil. Hopefully I’ll get this right next year, but they are still growing and my neighbours cabbages were the same size last week and his are huge this week, so I live in hope.

So far, not having grown a proper herb garden my only harvest has been a tiny bit of Rockett and a few Strawberries. Here are a few and there’s a few more to come.

The peas are doing well though, I always wondered if they would take or be a failure, as peas and sweet Peas are really quite hit and miss.  The peas now have little pods on them and I’m keeping my eyes open for the first swelling pods.

More Pea Pods

The Beans, of which I have two varieties, are a little slow, and I think they would have benefitted from larger canes, that said, they seem healthy enough, other allotment holders are showing results with their runner in the next couple of weeks we might be in the same position.

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