Monsal Viaduct and Chatsworth House in the Wolfman

I finally got around to watching the Wolfman film the other night and noticed in one of the early scenes a train passes over a viaduct that looked a lot like Monsal viaduct. In fact being a uber geek, it bugged me so much that I just had to look it up. I also recognised Chatsworth house too, but the scenes had been so heavilly altered with CG that I couldn’t be sure. Today I found confirmation that the derbyshire locations did indeed feature.
Chatsworth House has a dedicated page to the film locations
One further hunch is that the weir at the bottom of monsal dale is the waterfal in the film too, again heavilly altered with CG, I’ll have a look and see if I’m right, though I’m almost certain.
Meanwhile, here’s the evidence of the Monsal Viaduct.


Monsal viaduct features in The Wolfman film

The Monsal viaduct – one of several iconic locations used in the filming of Mad Dog – appears in the 2010 big-budget horror movie The Wolfman.

Footage showing a computer-generated steam train crossing the viaduct (see the screengrab below) features in the film’s official trailer.

The film also features extensive sequences shot at and in the grounds of the nearby Chatsworth House.

The Monsal viaduct as seen – CGI enhanced – in the 2010 film The Wolfman

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