Allotment update #8

The Other night we went up to the allotment during a brief respite from all the rain we have had.

We were happy but surprised to see that the Peas had really come on.  We didn’t have a huge amount of time but we picked a few, and ate a few, and they were deliciously sweet too.

The Peas have been more of a success than the strawberries really because they seem to have all turned to much, or been eaten by birds.  Ahh well, you have to give a little bit back to nature I guess.  I think the Potatoes wont be too long now. And maybe a few string beans too.

Then tonight I dropped by the plot just to check on how the peas were coming along because there was quite a few that just needed a few more days.

I wasn’t disappointing as I could tell there were plenty ready for picking.  I did a bit of weeding first and made a compost heap and that’s when I noticed a massive Courgette.  It was a beauty.  The others aren’t quite ready yet but should be by the end of next week.  Check out the very first Courgette from my plot.

I’ll bring you more photos of the bounty I pick from the allotment as I pick it.  I would bring you photos of the beautiful layout, but there isn’t one. Its a bit of a mess at the moment, and will remain so for the rest of the season.  I’m planning a layout change at the end of season.

I’m just pleased to have some produce this year, next year I start in earnest.

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