How to spend a Saturday

Bobbed into Games Workshop the Other day and was indulged in my first ever game of Warhammer.  It was quite fun.  Can’t see me getting into it any time soon though as it’s very expensive.  GW have changed the whole paint range and many of the techniques.  Most of the figures are plastic now but there are still a few metal ones.  Still, as I said expensive though.

After a nice bit of gaming I bobbed up to a brilliant little pub called the Coachmakers Arms.

A few months ago the Coachmakers was in serious danger of being demolished to make way for a new bus Station, however the pub seems to have had a reprieve for now.  That is very welcome news for drinkers like myself who love a drop or two of real ale.   The tap room and corridors have loads of amazing and rare beermats on the wall, and there are musical instruments in the backroom, so you can have a good old knees up.

They do have some seriously good real ales in here so, if that’s your poison get yourself to this pub pronto.  I sample the Lord Marples, made at Thornbridge Hall in Derbyshire, oddly enough only a few miles from my home town of Tideswell.

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