Rip off Britain…you love it don’t you?

Perhaps it’s me, no really perhaps it is me? But is everyone else in Britain
Happy with rip off Britain? It seems we love it because we Brits don’t ever take any real action against it.

Last weekend I went to Trentham Gardens, and I had to queue for 40 minutes to get food, the queueing , I could bear, just about. The prices I couldn’t.

I say this as a notorious tight wad. I really am, I cannot abide spending money, and am happy to state this before getting into the grist of this blog. That said however, certain items that are available for sale, are starting to hack me off on a regular basis.

1) sandwiches/ paninis

Why the he’ll does a sandwich cost £4 upwards? I’ m sorry , what are we eating here caviar sarnies? A loaf of bread costs roughly a pound. You get around 20 slices in each loaf. So that would work out at about 5p a slice. Last time I looked you get 2 slices in a sandwich. So, for the bread that’s 10p

Vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes can be bought in. Bulk and at wholesale prices. So the cost of the amount of lettuce and tomato, that goes into a single sandwich should be no more than say 20/ 30p at most. Add the bread and the veg we are at 40p

So that brings us to the meat. Let’s say, for the sake of it, Ham. A packet of ham costs about a £1.80 for 6-8 slices. Ham slices bought from a butchers or deli costs slightly more, say £2 for about 4 slices.

Given that, you might get 2 slices of meat in your sandwich, that should run to about a quid. So, doing the basic maths the sandwich should cost £1.40

Ahh but what about the labour, I hear you cry. If I was making a sandwich it wouldn’t take more than a minute to make it so how much labour could you actually charge? I’d say about 50p a sandwich. So that makes a grand total of £1.90.

I’m not against companies making profit, so, go on, go wild, add half the cost as profit. That’s 80p. that brings the total cost of the sandwich to £ 2.70

Yes folks, that’s £2.70. The cost of a sandwich, if we are being liberal. Somehow these companies have the audacity to charge £4.90 and £5 for a panini is beyond me. the think we are a bunch of mugs, and, in truth we are because we pay it.

Normally, in times like this i’ d say it’s time to vote with your feet and boycott these overpriced tidbits. However, it’s getting the same everywhere you go. Do we really not mind? Why on earth can’t we pay a fair price for food?

Whilst I do think eating out is one of the privileges of the weekend, it could all be so much more enjoyable if you didn’t need a second mortgage to do it.



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