My Vegetable show-No show

Sometimes life can be a bitch , cant it? Today I was on the lash end of the bitch today.

As you will know, if you read this blog, or have read any previous posts, I have an allotment.
Today was the annual show, I already knew that I hadn’t really prepared my entries but wanted to put something in just for the sake of taking part.

I got up late and went to scrub the potato entry whilst I was still in my boxer shorts. After That I went out into the shed, also known as “Home of the Shallots”, I took down six of the largest shallots I had drying, and started to clean up the skins and trim them down. That was 2 out of 4 entries ready.

I got in the car and drove to the allotment, I’d made the transition from I.T to regular gardening type, and had grabbed my swiss army knife out of the drawer. I wasn’t planning on a camping trip but rather cutting the massive Marrow from the plant. I was loathed to do it because I was pretty sure it could get a whole lot bigger. Anyhow the show wouldn’t wait, so it was going to get cut today, and surely no one would have grown a bigger one?

Whilst on the allotment I spotted a particularly long Runner Bean and thought I’d enter it for the “Longest Runner Bean Class” Sadly I snapped it Whilst cutting the marrow. Lady Luck shined on me though because I did manage to find a longer one just as I was about to give up.

So, I was ready, but I had a busy day ahead, I still had to get a load of shopping, and take the girls out as they had cabin fever, left over from a days decorating yesterday.

Driving down to the Lyme Valley Parkway I was pleasantly surprised at how many stalls there were the organising team had done a great job, and I was really looking forward to getting back to the show later.

I dropped off my Vegetables and realised I’d forgotten to bring my money to pay the entrance fee. I Promised to drop it off later, shot off to get it, went into the house, had a lengthy “discussion” with the missus about the shopping list, then went to get the money out, but upon arriving at Morrisons Cashpoint realised I had forgotten my cash card.

My head was, shall we say, not bolted on right. Drove home, to get the card and after much angst searching, discovered it had been in my back pocket all the time. After 2 trips to sainsburys for the shopping, I forgot the Jackets Spuds the first time, I had the money to pay the subscription, finally my entry would be complete.

Lyme Valley Vegetable Show

Lyme Valley Vegetable Show: Photo E.Shenton

We all piled into the car to go for a day out at Tittesworth water

I went to pay my subs, but didn’t take any photos of my entries, as there would be a chance to do that later on, the show didn’t close till 5.30PM.

Got back in the car and went for the day out. Managed to get back to the Showground for 4.30, only to discover everything was being Pulled down.

I enquired what had happened, where were the vegetables etc, and was informed that it had gotten a bit quiet so they were packing up, also all the vegetables had been…auctioned off. So, not only do I not know if I won anything, which in all honesty, I almost certainly didn’t, I didn’t get the change to photograph my babies in the local show. Absolutely GUTTED!

It just wasn’t meant to be…all that bumbling around in the morning should have told me. I should have just gone back to bed.

I suppose I should look on the bright side though, I do have an allotment where I can grow things, that much has been proved. I know what I’m up against, next time there is a show, and to put it in perspective, there is always next year, when I’ll try to be better prepared.

Update:  I found out a few days later that I won 2nd Prize for my Shallotts.  I’m sure there must only have been two entries. Lol

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