Lady Manners School – The Peacock 1989-90

The Fifth year seems to be agreed that this year has been extremely uneventful: comments include, ‘It was too boring to think about.’ Is it that GCSE work was so uninteresting? Lotty Walker certainly found that Maths needed a little livening up, so spent lessons improving her group’s education-One of her pearls of wisdom was that if you have hairy arms you are likely to go places!

Lack of interest was again demonstrated, this time by Chris Ledger, who turned up forty minutes late for his GCSE English exam, having overslept. Jenny Holliday found a more dramatic excuse for missing her French oral – she dislocated her knee.

Getting out of lessons has been a popular occupation this year. Claire Askew left Biology via the window, while Mrs Barnes, in her haste to exit from the fifth year RE lesson, pulled the door off its hinges!

Amidst all the panic of approaching GCSEs, several people stand out as a deserving mention. William Pearson’s notable achievement lay in being caught smoking in the toilets no less than nine times during two terms.  Simon Kwiecinski was rather controversially said to the year’s biggest poser.  All were unanimous that Daniel Spencer is the nicest person: it was remarked that if he found a flea he would give it to a dog.

Maturity seems to have gone to the wall in the case of Richard Beals, who repeated his first year exploit of being shut in a cupboard.  Greg Essex-Lopresti, on the other hand, seemed to have taken a short-cut to the sixth form, as he spent all year questioning Mrs Fussey about ‘A’ Level Chemistry problems.

The year ended memorably with cream fights in dinner and tearful (or Joyful) farewells at four. The final comment, however, has to come from the staff.  One furious teacher was heard to say, during the last week before exams began, “He shouldn’t even be making dental appointments at this time of year, not unless his teeth are actually rotting…..and that’s far too much activity to be going on inside his head”.

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