Lady Manners School – The Peacock 1987-88

The 3rd year claim that nothing interesting has happened because they have been working too hard!! Well, if the following incidents are anything to go by, how much hard work has actually been done?
During a wet games lesson the 3rd Year were given the thrilling opportunity to watch a cricket match in the Lecture theatre. Matthew Ellis provided alternative entertainment with his brave attempts to get himself stuck while exploring the underneath of the benches. As it happened, he succeeded.
Mattew Ellis added yet another contribution to entertainment in the 3rd year. Oral English seemed to be his forte, especially on the subject of Carrot growth in Southern Mongolia, and “All you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask”!

John Lomas has become a resident expert at blowing out fuses in plugs, as he demonstrated in music on electronic keyboards.

In an R.E Lesson Nick Margree was asked to perform the ritual of the Muslim prayer positions. who said R.E wasn’t fun?

Is Simon Kwiecinski just falling for the girls or did someone tie his shoelaces together?
If you want an excuse to wear trainers to school get Duncan Cundy’s dog to chew your school shoes up. Simon had his chewed for a very reasonable rate.

If you prefer to wear your P.E kit to a maths lesson, ask Peter Dale how he managed it.
Lotty walker has been playing pranks this year, her unfortunate victim Fiona Hartley. Lotty covered the edge of a penny with ink and then challenged Fiona to roll it down her face and across it without removing the coin from her face. Fiona did this and ended up covered in the offensive ink; some people questioned whether Fiona had added a touch of creativity to her make up.

Fifteen minutes after the beginning of a lesson, a certain teacher discovered that on the blackboard “NODDY” had been written, with an arrow pointing to his chair. (That was us, hehe)

At the end of another lesson, some bright sparks, having been asked to put their chairs under the desks, put them right under-on their sides.

In Chemistry, Robert Kendall was so fascinated by an experiment using a model fire extinguisher that he sat too near and was almost extinguished himself. In another science lesson, a pupil tried to walk out with a clamp attached to his blazer, needless to say he hadn’t put it there!

Norman Sheldon managed to miss half a Maths lesson by hiding in a cupboard, Richard Kirkham holds the third year record for the length of time taken to make a Jacket in Textiles. It should have been ready last Christmas but may not be finished by Christmas, 1988.
When someone removed his kit, Philip Gregory did P.E wearing a girls skirt.


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