Racist emails – Don’t buy into it

Racist emails piss me off

Racist emails piss me off

Whilst I have no issue with legal immigrants, being as I’m descended from them. Illegal immigrants don’t get benefits.

The Governments don’t care for old folk at all.

Our old folk have to sell their houses to pay for nursing costs. Homeless people are labelled scum and dropouts regardless of their circumstances such as mental health issues, breakdown of marriage or bankruptcy.

Odd then, how many people in this country think bombs used to drop on other people, in their own country is a worthwhile expense at around £30,000 per bomb. Britain spent £8bn in Iraq in one year alone. By 2009 the UK government had spent £12bn in Afghanistan. Thats £20 Billion that could have been used to subsidise the NHS & UK charities.

I personally worry about emails like this. We all have our political opinions, but I reckon it’s worth being clear about what we are protesting about. Britain’s history is about being tolerant and having a libertarian society, we have to identify who are the victims are and who are the scroungers. Scapegoating people tends to lead to xenophobia.

Immigration is a consequence of Empire and Colonialism and later global capitalism. If you take over a persons country, then you rob it of it’s natural resources, chances are they might one day show up wondering if they can get a slice of the wealth created from the initial robbery.

For the record, I support our troops, they do a damn good job, but whether they should be out there doing that job in the first place is a question of conscience for Prime Ministers.

Rant over.

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