Mobile Uploads – Feb/March 2011

Met this bloke, BLAZE whilst waiting for a bus.  He was standing there waiting and I started asking him when the bus was coming.  Within a few minutes we had started a conversation which was interesting and eye opening.

He reminded me of someone I used to work with.  In both looks and mannerisms.  I really enjoyed being in the presence his youthful enthusiasm.

We covered a lot of topics during our short bus journey across Stoke-on-Trent.

I hope I run into this unique individual again.

I have seen this waste disposal truck around the town a lot recently.  For some reason, it caught my eye on this particular day. I kind of like the psychotic penguin, although I’m not entirely sure why it’s got a Chainsaw.

At least the design is original and eye catching.  If it makes kids think about recycling then that has to be good.

This picture depicts a load of my daughters mini dolls.  I did a contract job down in London for the makers of “Polly Pocket”.  They gave me a couple of items for my daughter and after that, well we’ve never looked back.

I often try to take photos that show the wide range of colours that we all too often overlook, and yet appear everywhere in everyday life.

This Photo is nothing that special but it shows a bottle of Top Totty.  The Photo was taken at my friend and colleague Dave’s house.  That night we were going out to Audley Beer Festival.  We both love our real Ales and one of the coolest things about Real Ale Beers are the interesting names they have.

This was the first time I have been to Audley Beer Festival, but hopefully it won’t be the last.  The ales were very tasty, and reasonably priced too.


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