Getting started in 2011

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Well I went up to the allotment for the second time this year. I had a couple of hours so thought i’d mark out some beds and dig a bit over.

Money is going to be a serious issue this year. With the cost of living rising massively I have even less to spend this year than last year. but i’m going to spend more on the allotment and less on beer.

At the end of last year my daughter and I went out and collected 4 big bags full of fallen leaves.I put them into the compost bin I made along with some old potting compost and plenty of water. When i checked out how it was doing. I was pleasantly surprised, after just a few months I’d say its a bout 40% compost already.

As I stated to turn over one of the beds I dug last year but never actually used I was pleased to see it was full of worms, something I seemed to be lacking last year. I put a fair few of them into the compost heap to help get it going even faster.

I hate being in a competition with other gardeners but have noticed that quite a few of the other allotmenteers are already underway. My whole plot needs digging over. Got to get my arse into gear.

As a final note. I enlisted my friends help tonight and we picked up a load of slabs from a Local bloke I met on Twitter tonight. They will help make lovely paths and the edge of a pond.

More it happens.

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