Building raised beds

I am building raised beds on the Allotment this year. I only had two small beds last year, but they both worked very well in comparison with crops grown directly into the ground.

As last year my friend is dropping me the wood and I have to get the beds together. I have borrowed a handy cordless drill and have made a good start.

The soil is still a bit wet and quite clay too so it’s been hard going. The allotment is on a slope and I’m trying to get my plot levelled off. That’s a heck of a lot of soil for one man to move. Here are two pics taken on my mobile.

Each bed is about 9 feet long.  The boards are about 10 inches deep.  I have started marking out two more now, so the grass where the green bowl is will be wide enough to let a barrow through.  The path also needs to be lowered by about 8 inches.

Marking out the beds

Marking out the beds

Three beds built

Three beds built

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