Mays Allotment Progress

Potato trenches

Potato trenches

Well, May has been a bit of a weird one April was so unbelievably hot and it was mostly wasted.  The ground was so hard I couldn’t dig it. I had to borrow a pick -axe.  By the way the Pick-axe is by far the most useful tool I own now, perfect for clay soils.

Anyway.  Tonight I managed to put about 5 rows of spuds in.  I dug the trenches and using some shop bought Manure I got the taters.

The great thing about raised beds is that the soil is so easy to dig.  Furthermore once it’s conditioned, its good to go for next year.

The Strawberries seemed a bit sickly until last week when they started to flower.  now they seem to be increasing in size too.  I gave them a bit of manure too.  Usually I’d add it in to the bed early but couldn’t because I hadn’t found a good supply.  Hopefully it will give them a boost, and help them produce plenty of fruit.  The White container you can see is my Nettle Manure…I simply stuffed a load of nettles into the container and filled it full of water, and left it for a month.  It bloody stinks, but is apparently full of nitrogen, so should be good for my Peas.



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