A Trip to Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

We took a trip over the Cheshire border yesterday to Little Moreton Hall.  I had passed this place many many times without really realising that it was open to the public.  As we arrived We were greeted by nice friendly helpful staff.

As you first glance at the house it seems completely crooked and unstable.  It is however a stunning example of Tudor building and you feel sure that it will be interesting to simply enter it.

The house a small moat running all the way around it, which is home to ducks and large fish. As you cross the bridge into the courtyard you can see just how many small extensions the house has had, and marvel at the skill of the Tudor craftsmen who created it.

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Today the house is owned and managed by the National Trust. NT membership is great value for money if you live in the midlands, because there are lots of local attractions to visit.  As well as looking round the house we stayed for lunch and The restaurant is to be recommended.  The staff are polite and helpful, they were efficient in taking the order and the food arrived quickly.  Most importantly though, it was delicious and healthy.

Little Moreton Hall: National Trust Website


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