Gullivers Kingdom – Review

I decide to spring a surprise on my daughter the other day. She’s only seven, and she had been wanting to go to Gulliver’s Kingdom for ages. We have relatives who live nearby so whilst we were visiting I thought I’d take her up there as a surprise.

I myself was fairly excited because I’d been there before when I took my nephews some seven years ago. My daughter was so excited when, I told her where we were going, and I’d like to say before we get into this review that “WE DID HAVE A GOOD TIME”.

The Staff in General were helpful friendly and polite.  Usually, I’m a “nightmare ballbuster” about rude staff, but I couldn’t fault anyone who served or helped us.

The rides, are aimed at a younger age group , they were all good fun, and we particularly enjoyed the Drop Tower, The Pirate Ship, The Log Roller Coaster.  Nothing rivals The Switchback Rollercoaster though, and we went on this several times.

That said, there’s a few things that the Gulliver’s ownership/management need to sort out.

I was disappointed with the Journey of Discovery, not because of the content of the ride but I think it might have once been a 3D ride.  Paper notices informed us that it was a 2D ride, but the introductory film told us to put on glasses.  Word to Gulliver’s management.  If this is a 3D film ride, get some glasses.

1) Currently, when queueing up there’s an awful stink, having worked in civil engineering, it took me about 10 seconds to work out that there was a soil pipe running right down beside where people were queueing.  I think it must have a crack in it, or a broken seal.  If that isn’t the solution, then the soakaway is too close to the surface.

2) Throughout the park there are some life-size moulded resin figures.  I guess Gulliver’s feel these help to add atmosphere.  If you’ are going to have these things then take care of them.  Most of the figures look like they needed a good wash.

Are these figures appropriate?  I ask this question because it’s was August, and they had Halloween Zombies climbing out of what looked like a pool of weak Ribena. Zombies in August? Give me a break!! Yes, I know you have to try to promote the Halloween opening, but at least get the staff to dress up…don’t put scary dummies crawling around in Ribena, it’s naff!

Another question about appropriateness is the Horse at the Log Flume.  This Horse had massive balls right on show. That’s right folks MASSIVE BALLS.  I had to stifle a childish guffaw as our boat sailed around the circuit giving me and everyone floating by, a  fantastic view of the resin horse’s crown jewels.  I’m sure it’s accurate and educational to have a real looking horse standing by the log flume, but it was giving me a complex.  Why not have a female horse?  Perhaps just move the horse so your visitors don’t get to peer up it’s nether regions as they float past.  Just a thought.

3) The singing Frogs, which have the potential to be a lot of fun..they don’t work, well three keys do.  These little touches matter.  All this stuff should be checked daily, or close the ride/show/attraction till it’s fixed?

The prices are O.K, certainly not the most expensive Theme Park.  However, I was not overly impressed with the Family Ticket limited to 4 members though @£52, I saw a family with 5 kids, they didn’t look rich either.

Should you visit?
Yes! All in All, I think any family coming to Gullivers Kingdom, will have plenty of fun, there’s a lot to do and it’s a full days play. If Gulliver’s Management can remember that it’s the attention to detail that matters and that Parent’s DO notice the details even if the kids aren’t that bothered, then Gulliver’s will really live up to it’s potential because it doe’s have a certain charm.

I’d love to hear about your Gulliver’s experience, Please leave me some feedback on this article have I been fair, harsh or not harsh enough?


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