Village SOS – Tideswell – Your thoughts please

Last night saw Village SOS – feature our very own village of Tideswell. I for those who don’t know am an ex-resident, but still get there regularly to visit family and friends.

A group of residents have been in involved in setting up The Tideswell School of Food and the Taste Tideswell Brand.

I had been warned by friends on Facebook that opinion about the project is quite split. We posted a thread about the program on The Facebook group Let’s Debate.

I’m keen to hear from an Tideswell residents just what you think of the School of Food and what your thoughts were on the way the village was portrayed. (if you missed the show, here it is.)

Village SOS – Tideswell

Before you leave your comment though, the other night I tried to think of all the shops that have closed since I was a kid in the village, here’s the list…

Over the years we have lost….The video shop/The bottom shop,  Eric Jones, Grocers, Chapmans Newsagents, The Ex Servicemans Club/ Cross Daggers Inn…The 1st Drop Inn, Jeans wool shop, Alan Burns Electricals, The Halifax, The (original)Post office, Audrey Hopkins Shoe shop, Anne Smiths Grocery, Kenworthy’s The undertakers, Ron Hall’s Butchers, Warringtons News, Maderia House restaurant, Mick Bethels Petrol station/Garage,  and Chapel House Turnery, Peak Posies, The Launderette, and perhaps one or two more I can’t think of.

1 thought on “Village SOS – Tideswell – Your thoughts please

  1. Village S.O.S portrayed Tidza as a village dying on it’s feet, It showed a false picture of empty street after empty street. I was expecting the tumbleweed to come blowing through at any moment. The background music ,’Themes from Last Of The Summer Wine’ &’ Monty Pythons Flying Circus’, should have been supplanted with The Specials doing ‘Ghost Town’.
    Living in the village as I do ,I would say this, Taste Tideswell was getting plenty of ‘flack’ before the programe aired,and with the programe showing Tidza in such a poor light, that ‘flack’ has certainly multiplied.
    Spending time in Tideswell today, I have noticed much anger among locals concerning the programe.It has, as they say, got peoples ‘back’s up’
    For me Tidza still has so much to offer, and yet,if you are to believe the Village S.O.S programe, it is going nowhere fast.
    Taste Tideswell is a reality, it is here, so the village has no choice but to get behind it, . Although I feel it could itself get more in step with the village,and maybe mend some of the broken bridges, by pitching it’s prices at a more REALISTIC level, instead of setting them so high as to cock-a-snoop at the lower income families, and those on benefits, thereby excluding a large proportion of locals.
    To summerise, I think Taste Tideswell is part of this village, but it did the village no favours by allowing it to be portrayed in such a dim light.

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