Time to wake up

Free your Mind!

Sometimes I wonder, is it just me, am I paranoid, or is everyone else asleep? On the face of it, It’s a simple one to answer. Everyone else isn’t asleep. There are many, many people around with greater intelligence than I will ever possess.

So, given that rather obvious fact, I need to ask myself, what is it that causes me to be so cynical? Why do I find it impossible to rub along with the rest of em, and accept my lot in life?

Questioning your role in society

Perhaps I’m questioning my own role in life, or perhaps I’m questing my own inability to slot in, and enjoy the slotting in? Whatever it is, I get the daily sensation that other people either find it easy to slot in and I’m a freak.   Or it could be that I’m not meant to slot in, and, by not slotting in I’m going to reap some kind of benefit from my refusal to follow the crowd.

What I mean by this is,  : “I don’t buy into the system“,

  • I don’t buy into what I’m being told by the media. 
  • I don’t buy into the corporate bulletins I get at work.
  • To me it’s all bullshit and I can see it, I see it clearly.
  • Do other people not see it? 

Or, perhaps is it as I expect, that other people do see it they simply choose not to do anything about it.

Caught in the Rat Race

Why exactly is that? maybe it’s as many wise old blokes told me in the past, that “you can’t fight the system”. Or perhaps it’s just because although many people see the flaws in the system,  they are caught up in it and therefore choose to keep their head down to pay the mortgage.  By doing so, they believe they might just manage to get themselves a rung higher on the ladder.

With regard to the media, I see people on Facebook furiously posting their opposition or approval to world events, and again I wonder why do people go for it? I honestly don’t believe the majority of what is printed or reported.

It’s not that I  believe that these events  aren’t happening, but I don’t believe we are getting the full picture. Propaganda has gotten to the point now where it is almost impossible to separate facts from stage managed orchestrated “false flag” events.

Whilst there will be those who say it is,  isn’t paranoia on my part, there is plenty of evidence out there to show that things aren’t quite what they seem.

I’m not going to list events, because you may already have your opinion. Simply do your own research If you are interested.  If you can relate to any of the points I’m making.

People’s Revolution or Homogenous worldview events?

As a starting point, try Googling the revolution in Serbia. There is some evidence to show that this so called revolution was orchestrated by a P.R company OTPOR who received funding from the American government.

Take a good look at their logo, then google the logo for revolution in Libya, Ukraine, Egypt, Yemen etc. This isn’t the people rising up, this is the people being stirred up to create western, oil friendly regime change.

So when “despotic dictators” like Mugabe, or Kim Jong il, or Assad kill their own people brutally, what they claim to be doing doing is removing the instigators and colluders of foreign plots who are in fact trying to cause instability in their countries. We hear if Differently.  But what is the REAL truth?

Don’t get me wrong, these leaders are clearly evil bastards with questionable morals but you don’t rule with a rod of iron for years to chuck it away because a few folk start waving placards about. These leaders know they cannot fight the power of America Militarily but they can act within their own borders, because sovereign countries are largely untouchable when acting within their own borders.

Iran for example, did you hear about the stealth drone that the Iranians have supposedly captured last week? http://rt.com/usa/news/iran-drone-hack-stealth-943/

Do you suppose that has happened by accident? Maybe you do…but my question is why did the American govt not self destruct the lost drone? The answer is fairly clear to me, it provides them with more “evidence” and a clean motive to attack Iran.

Iran are on the verge of developing nuclear technology, the West do not want Iran to have that technology and many commentators state publicly that it’s more a case of WHEN the West attacks Iran, as opposed to IF they attack.

So, when I see these so called revolutions,  I don’t buy it.
I’m not going to buy it, ever, because we are being controlled, we are being brainwashed.
You don’t like that supposition, but it’s the truth.

How many of you have enjoyed watching your SKY TV this Christmas?

Every time you turn that shit on, you line the pockets of Rupert Murdoch, one of the worlds most powerful businessmen, who, as we saw this summer (2012) had government’s quaking in their boots for fear of negative publicity. Yet this is the guy who runs News Corporation, “think Phone Hacking“, “Think Levisson”, and what’s been done about it?

I don’t buy into everything I’m spoon fed because we have seen from World Wars and the NATO bombing of Belgrade and Baghdad, that civilian lives are expendable.

As long as resources and geographical strategic strongholds are secured, and the rich are safe in their ivory towers, the rest of us had better keep our heads down and not rock the boat.

Our home countries are already beginning to enforce the will of the few on the many. CCTV is everywhere, electronic tracking, phone hacking. Petrol Prices, Speed Cameras, public sector cuts etc are all a part of a wider moves to make life more difficult for the common man and to take away his ability to react and fight back.  Yet it’s all packaged up as ways to help you.

I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes right now, but let me point out two or three good examples form America, you’ll need to look these things up.

1) Fema Camps
2) Hurricane Katrina Landgrab
3) Police using Predator Drones

If governments can be removed so easily, how long is it before it’s your country that requires lockdown?
And believe me, YOU are expendable.

It’s time to wake up now people, it really is time to wake up!

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