Waterworld : Review

Today, I took my daughter to Waterworld, Stoke-on-Trent,  We were both excited as she had never been and I haven’t been in years.  When we arrived at Festival Park, that’s where the excitement ended.

The queue was at least a hundred people long.  To be fair though, it is the Easter Holidays, and it is a popular destination. After parking 500 meters away we walked back and joined the queue thankfully, the sun was shining.  I’d hate to have been standing out there in the pouring rain.  It did rain later, and anyone queueing would have been completely soaked.

The next source of irritation for me was, when you are asked if you want a locker, and let’s face it, most people probably will want a locker, the cost is £1.50  That in itself is expensive for a locker, but guess what? Waterworld keep a quid of that money.

The changing rooms were extremely busy but we managed to find a cubicle and locker and get out into the pool area.  We had a swim and a splash about in the shallows and enjoyed the waterfall features.  I particularly liked the heavy rain effect of one of the waterfalls, it actually pummels you, best massage I have had in years.

The waterslide near to the entrance is good fun and the queue is tolerable, it only takes a few minutes to get up and go round again.  The others though, well, for me the queue was intolerable.  We waited for 20 minutes and moved about 2 feet.  In the end we gave up trying.

Mr Chaudry, why not section users off into different colour groups (by wristband)? Then dedicate a half hour period to that colour, that way everyone could actually get a go on the water slides.    Considering that it costs £18 for two of us to get in we got to paddle around in the shallows, and go on a fairly tame water slide by the door.  That isn’t good value for money in my book.  Had I taken several children, I’d be fuming at spending so much in return for so little.

The staff were polite and courteous though, and that’s a plus point because it’s hard to get quality service in Stoke. You have got that right, Mr Chaudry. Obviously the whole thing is geared towards making money, there are several poolside food outlets, and they seemed to be doing a roaring trade.  I don’t mind so much but realisticly, it should be about the swimming.

Cleanliness was an issue for me.  Personally the thought of bathing with about 500 other people makes my skin crawl, god only knows what bugs and nasties might be in the water but the staircases and poolsides could do with a refresh.  Rust was evident, and stagnant backwashed water puddles are everywhere.

If that’s your thing “for the sake of the kids” then crack on, and pay waterworld a visit.  It’s a great way to pass a few hours and spend a heap of cash.  If that doesn’t appeal to you, I’d give it a miss.

Tideswellman’s Rating

Tideswellman's Rating


One thought on “Waterworld : Review

  1. Thanks Phil, good review mate. We’ve got 3 kids 7 & under and have been thinking of going for a day.

    I think I might put the visit off now and stick with regular swimming pools or the odd trip to dimensions.

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