A Local Stranger Wandering around the Peak District.

Since our move back to the Peak District, I have been poking around the local villages. The great thing about driving across the Peak District every morning is that you get to see some stunning views. As well as stunning views, you also get to discover lot’s of little villages you had never visited before.

Blind to the Peak District

The geographical situation of the Peak District can often mean that when travelling in a car you simply go from A to B. We locals tend to ignore the plethora of sign posts to interesting sounding places. Places such as “Ible”, “Slaley” and “Cow Dale”.

Anyway, now that i’m living in Matlock Bath and travelling to Buxton each day, I get to see such wondrous and rustic places close up. I have been noticing all kinds of little places, neglected barns, breathtaking vistas under imposing skies. I’m no longer blind to the Peak District and all her beauties.

Slaley Sign

Slaley Sign

Peak District Village Snooper

When time allows, I drive into these little villages and have a good snoop around. Usually my trip consists of pulling the car over and photographing a notable feature or building.
All of this village snooping serves a larger purpose though.  Firstly, I’m having a bit of a recce to see where is good to eat and drink. The Peak District in general has a wide range of country pubs serving great food. Finding them can be a bit of a challenge though because not everyone is a social media geek like me.

Secondly, I’m also finding good places to walk and to come back to and photograph.
I love taking photos, I’m no professional photographer, that’s for sure. I do have some great photos under my belt though, more by luck than judgement. Recently though, I have become lazy. The thought of dragging the big camera out, with all it’s limitations of small memory card and annoyingly short lived batteries comes a poor second to slipping the mobile into my pocket and just leaving.

Photography vs iPhoneography in the Peak District

Since getting my hands on an iPhone, with all of it’s awesome photography apps, I have been snapping away like a mad man. The issue with mobile phone photos is that you don’t really get the quality of a really high quality camera that adapts to the light. Not having a decent zoom can also be an issue.

So I settle on a trade off. I take the iphone with me on a daily basis, places of real note will be visited again on a planned expedition.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be blogging about the places that I visit and trying to provide you with  a bit more information about the places I document.  Until then please enjoy these photos that I took on my travels with my iPhone.

Why not join me & Like my Peak District Photos?

If you like taking photos with your mobile phone, then why not join me on instagram?  You can see the photos I have taken, here. Or if you just fancy updates. Follow me on Twitter, just search for @Tideswellman.

Please leave a comment, tell me where you like to go, maybe you have a tip for me.  where should I go next?

2 thoughts on “A Local Stranger Wandering around the Peak District.

  1. Have lived in the Peak District most of my life.A few years ago I had the same thoughts. Driven by so many signposts. Never been to Bubnal, never been to Rowland, never been to Bowden, so many places. Started driving to places just to say I’d been.Another thing, how many locals think, ‘oh yes,of course I’ve driven through Calver loads of times’, when in actual fact,we’ve driven through Calver crossroads towards Curber, Stony’ or Grindleforb, and never seen the lovely ‘heart’ of Calver village?. I bet loads of ‘locals’ don’t know that part of Calver even exists.

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