Take a moment to listen, to the sounds all around you

After moving from the city to the countryside, I have become aware of much more than just the beautiful scenery.

I have recently begun to notice the sounds that are all around us and to take more notice of these sounds. In truth my fascination started whilst on holiday in France this May.

Whilst sitting around the pool one night, checking my emails in the Wi-fi zone, we heard a strange sound. It was the sound of frogs calling out to each other. The sound was strange and eerie. As the croaks echoed across the water of the swimming pool, I got the idea to record the sound on my phone.

Sound of Frogs Croaking in Gassin, France

When I played the sound back a couple of weeks later, it occurred to me that the sound was so evocative of the moment that it might be rather good fun to do a few more recordings. However the recordings really do have to be impromptu, as opposed to staged or set up.

My next was recorded on a Thursday night in Tideswell. I nipped into the Horse and Jockey for a quick pint. There was a folk group performing in there. They meet there every Thursday night. I simply put the phone down and recorded a snippet. Folk music really isn’t my thing at all, but I have to admit that the quality of the music was fantastic. What’s more, it conjures up an image of days gone by. Have a listen.

Over the coming weeks I’ll serve up a few more sounds, perhaps if people comment, I’ll make it a regular feature.
Maybe you have recorded something you’d like to share with me? Please leave me a comment.

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