The Dragons Back (Chrome Hill)

The Dragons Back (Chrome Hill)

The Dragons Back Chrome Hill & Parkhouse Hill

A couple of Weekends ago my friend and I went out for a Drive / Walk. To Chrome Hill

Drive / Walks are good. You just get in the car and drive to the area you want to go walking do a few miles and then you have the comfort of the car to ferry you back home. Everyone’s a winner.

This particular shot is a smaller version of a large panorama I shot from the top of Parkhouse Hill, Glutton Bridge. It was quite late in the day when we arrived and so we didn’t get chance to walk up Chrome Hill. I doubt the view could have been much better. See the Full Size image on my Flickr account.

Tideswell to chrome Hill

If you are from Tidza or just staying in the Tideswell are, and fancy a trip to “The Dragons Back”. I have included a route, below.

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