Visit Thor’s Cave

I often like to get out at the weekend. I have to drive about a forty mile round trip to work each day, so inspiration is pretty easy to come by. Before the nights drew in, I often went “pootling” off the main roads to see what village or hamlet lay just off the beaten track.

I recently remembered that Thor’s cave wasn’t that far from my daily route to work of Matlock to Buxton. Taking the A515 route you get to see part of the Peak District not that many of us Tideswellians see often. Taking “The Ashbourne Road” as it’s known, allows you to dip in and out of the country as the road runs close to the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border.

Thor's Cave

Thor’s Cave

Remembering the routes to Thors Cave

About 12 years ago I went with my friend Dylan to Thor’s cave, we drove from Stoke to Ashbourne, then down into Dovedale, Ilam, then up to Wetton and Hartington. We walked down Beresford Dale in the Manifold Valley. The cave itself itself was up a very steep path that, on a hot summers day can be quite an ordeal for the very young, rather old or the pretty unfit.

I needed a different route. This time I had my daughter and my Good buddy Daws along with me. My daughter is eight, and the weather was showery and damp. I was unsure of what she could and couldn’t do, so I’m introducing her to walks gently.

We drove from Wirksworth down to Ashbourne, driving past Carsington Water and then at Ashbourne turning back onto the A515.  Drive through Fenney Bentley, and keep heading towards Buxton.  When you see the sign for Alstonfield and Mill Dale, turn right on to Green Lane.

Turn to Alstonefield

Turn to Alstonefield

Follow the lane down and you drive over the bridge at Milldale. Here you can turn left and drive alongside the River Dove, or you can go up the Hill into Alstonefield (slightly longer).

The Pinch, Milldale

The Pinch, Milldal

If you do go into Alstonefield, just follow the signs for Wetton. Either way you will arrive near a pub called the Watts Russel Arms.  Keep following the signs for Wetton.

Russell Watts Arm

Watts Russell Arms

If you follow the signs you can’t go wrong, The road on the right (above) is called Wall Ditch, follow it, take the 2nd right onto Ashbourne Lane, This brings you into Wetton, turn right onto Carr Lane and you’ll find the small car park.

Where to Park in Wetton

Where to Park in Wetton

From there, it’s just a short walk round the corner and down a lane, which leads you to styles.

Thors Cave

Thors Cave

As you go over the styles, you walk down into a dip, then slightly up the bank, don’t go all the way up unless you want to go above the cave. You will see a well worn path leading down on the left. Go down the bank to the Cave mouth.

The Cave itself looks so impressive from the road and valley below. Once you get inside it though you realise, that this is something pretty special. For facts read the Thors Cave Wiki Page.

A few Photos from our Trip.

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How to get to Thor’s Cave from Tideswell

If you liked my blog post, please leave a comment. Tell me about your trip, where else should I be visiting?

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