Computers, A Poem


Now I like computers, Im not sure they like me…..
I just cant seem- to get along with this tech-nol-ogee

It all hard drive this and scuzzy that
im sure this stuff, was designed to make me look a prat.

All I want to do is to send me mate, a simple, hi, hello
but the modem aint plugged in, so , I have to go below.

Now I’ve plugged it in, blessed blinkin wires
I’ve typed it out and pressed send mail , but a password It requires.

I’ve dug the password out, from my paper password stack,
hooray its been accepted…but damn, it sent it back., its so bleedin complicated , no wonder i get it wrong.

After 14 goes, 6 typed mails I send the email proper..
now im dreading the reply in case I come a cropper.

Hours go by , I check my mail and still there’s no reply
computers got me nerves on edge I think I’m gonna cry

After 4 days and 16 hours a message I receive
It Says ” Hello ugly ” An insult I perceive.

After trying too hard and getting no joy, Im feeling quite alone.
I’ve packed up the computer, I think I’ll use the phone.

Now what was his number, shit!! it was on the computer

©Tideswellman 2005