Gibbet Rock Photo

Gibbet Rock. Also known as Peters’ Stone.

Many thanks to Roger Butterfield for this excellent and Moody photo.

This was the site of the last Gibbet in Derbyshire. Anthony Lingard was hung at Derby for the Murder of the gatekeeper at Wardlow (the Village near the rock).

Tideswell Killer Hanged at Gibbet Rock

Lingard apparently killed the woman for her red shoes, which he then gave as a present to his sweetheart. She suspected something and reported him.

He was hanged and then Gibbeted at the crossroads. Many people call the rock Peters Stone…but I prefer it’s Tidza name…”Gibbet Rock”..sounds more hardcore.

Walk to Gibbet Rock

If you fancy walking up to Gibbet rock, then it’s easily accessible from either the villages of Wardlow or Litton. Wardlow is the easiest approach though. In the winter months through to early spring the valley floor has a brook running through. It is passable though.

If memory serves me correctly there is a small cave near to the bottom of the rock, neat ro Wardlow.  Legend had it this is where the bones of those who met the grisly fate were laid to rest.  Most likely heresay but a good story none the less.