About Tideswellman

I am Tideswellman

AKA Phil Gregory. Welcome to my blog.

As my alias suggest, I come from Tideswell in Derbyshire. That is to say I was raised there.  I now live in Matlock, after spending some 18 years south of the border in Staffordshire. I still visit my mum who lives in Tideswell and like to say hello (and go for a pint) to/with everyone who knows me. Tideswell, is in the blood you see.

A Tideswellman’s Weblog

Initially I set this blog up over on blogger.  It was just going to be a diary, then, over time, it became dominated by my interests.  As the blog grew, it became unwieldy and difficult to find specific articles. So, I decided after six years it needed WordPress to help to organise it better.

Today you will find articles on a wide range of topics.  I want the blog to move in a hyper-local direction with regards to Staffordshire and Derbyshire and of course Tideswell.

Please pass comment on the articles and photographs as this helps me to deliver a better blog which should be of greater relevance.

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