About Tideswellman

I am Tideswellman

Welcome to my blog.

As my alias suggests, I come from Tideswell in Derbyshire. That is to say, I was raised there.  I now live in Matlock, after spending some 18 years south of the border in Staffordshire. I still visit Tideswell where I run for Tideswell Running Club. Every now and then, I like to pop up there to say hello (and go for a pint) to/with everyone who knows me. Tideswell is in the blood you see.

A Tideswellman’s Weblog

Initially, I set this blog up on blogger.  It was just going to be a diary,  over time, it became dominated by my interests.  As the blog grew, it became unwieldy and difficult to find specific articles. So, I decided after six years it needed WordPress to help to organise it better.

For a while, the blog featured a lot of political posts which were a crossover from my citizen journalism work with Stoke hyper-local news team PitsnPots.

Over time, I wanted to focus the blog more on the outdoors and on local and the Gregory family history. I have created some main categories to reflect this.

Time is my enemy

Unfortunately, the posts on this blog are not that regular anymore. I do plan to keep adding a lot more material but finding the time the time to write it is difficult.

Providing great images and video to go with the articles and of course list, all the sources take literally hours, and this blog isn’t monetised, it’s just one of my many hobbies.

Please pass comment on the articles and photographs as this helps me to deliver a better blog which should be of greater relevance.

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