Tunnels under Tideswell

Any Tideswellian knows that there are Tunnels under the village. However, it seems that in living memory the number of people who have actually been down into these tunnels is few and far between.

For whatever reason, it is a topic that has fallen from the collective memory of the village.

Why might there Be Tunnels under the village?

I remember reading as a boy that there was a tunnel from Blake House to Eccles Hall. It was in the little blue book that every Tideswell family seemed to have “A History of Tideswell by  W. Walker; 1951.

In addition to this there was always talk of a tunnel that led from Tindalls Shop to the Church opposite. Tindalls used to serve as a Gaol, long before it was utilised as a bakery.

Then I heard that there was….

  • A Tunnel from the Church to Church Avenue, number 1 or number 2.
  • A Tunnel from Swarbricks shop to Tindalls
  • A Tunnel / Priest hole in the Star which might go to the Vicarage or Blake House
  • A Tunnel from the Church to Wheston
  • A Tunnel from the Church to Monksdale.
Tideswell Tunnels

Tideswell Tunnels

Tunnels under Tidza Video

With all these supposed Tunnels, it’s a wonder Tidza doesn’t collapse into a subterranean labyrinth.  So  I raised the question via You Tube and the Facebook Group “Tideswell People”.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/21177142561/

Tunnels under Tideswell

So again, I say to you, good people of Tideswell.  Where are these Tunnels, and if you have access to one, can I come and photograph it…or its blocked up entrance?  I want to get into these tunnels if possible.  Tideswell deserves to know its history.

Tunnels Under Tideswell Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

13 thoughts on “Tunnels under Tideswell

  1. If I can do anything to help Phil I will I hope you get some more information I will contact Brian Woodhall e may know something of interest as he is very knowledgeable. Good luck with this new venture Phil.

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  3. Hi Phil. There was a tunnel from No 3 Church Avenue (can’t comment on no’s 1 & 2 though) which I have always believed went to the Church. Just before my grandma moved in (Audrey Fletcher), all the internal levels within the building were gutted and rebuilt to modern standards. Unfortunately, this involved filling in the cellar which blocked the doorway to the tunnel. My uncle, Duncan Fletcher, carried out the work but i’m not sure if he attempted to go down it….. I will have to seek more info myself.

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  5. When I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments
    are added- checkbox and now every time a comment
    is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is
    a means you can remove me from that service? Kudos!

  6. Hey up Phil
    Only just found your site re tunnels
    In my youth I can remember myself and Roger Flint (we were maybe only about 10 or 11 ) making it our school summer holidays mission to find this so called tunnel from monksdale to the church.
    After days of searching we did indeed find a cave on the hillside after talking to lots of the older local people who gave us the directions of its whereabouts
    This was supposed to be the fabled entrance to the tunnel
    The following day all exited we equipped ourselves with rope ,torches etc and set off on our big adventure
    We tied the rope to a nearby tree and entered the cave it sloped gently in for about 20 ft then there was a drop down
    This is it we though so we lowered ourselves down to the bottom a drop of maybe 8 ft or so only to find a dead end with nothing but a plank of wood laid in the bottom of it
    I suppose it may have been used as a hiding place for the monks who allegedly lived down in the dale as I believe there are still the foundations of a small building down there which we also found
    Rumours are that it was the foundations to a small building that the persecuted monks built
    Hope this helps mate
    Cheers Gary

    • Thanks Gary, Good to read your story. I have heard similar ones from one or two other folk in Tidza. Seems I’m the only bloke who doesn’t actually know the location to that tunnel entrance.

      • The entrance is called ‘Blanket Hole Cave’. If you stand on the road facing into Monks Dale, climb over the wall, walk until the valley narrows and turn 90 degrees left up the hillside for about 100 yards.

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